A Word About Gitchers

We've noticed some chatter on the internet about Gitchers and we wanted to clear a couple things up.

One, Gitchers is not a spam farm. I'm just a guy with (what I thought was) a pretty cool idea - an idea to try and get people free t-shirts while making some extra cash. I understand how annoying spam is - email after email about the latest and greatest product. That's not what we're about!

Two, Gitchers does not guarantee a free t-shirt! Businesses who choose to participate are the ones who pick which people get a t-shirt. So naturally, I can't guarantee a free t-shirt for everyone who signs up. As of today, we only have 561 members, so there are not a lot of people for businesses to choose from - to give them the demographics that they are looking for. There have been no free t-shirts given out as of yet. But... the more people who sign up, the larger and more relevent the database becomes and maybe then, a business will choose you to receive a free t-shirt. Thanks for stopping by.